A Study of the Impact of Small and Medium Enterprise Financing on the Lifestyle of Small and Medium Enterprise Loan Borrowers

Mohiuddin Khandakar, Rubaiyat Shaimom Chowdhury, Salahuddin Ahmed


Small and medium enterprise (SME) financing plays a very important role in Bangladesh Economy. This paper tries to capture the impact of SME loans on the lifestyle of the borrowers. For this, a random survey was run on 250 SME borrowers both male and female from Bhawal Mirzapur, Kaultia and Gazipur Sadar, Bangladesh. Surely, this paper cannot draw the whole picture of the country but still it will give us an idea how people’s lifestyle is changing through SME financing. This paper is focused on SME loan holders’ lifestyle improvement parameters such as number of school going children of those families, food expenses, and health care and nutrition expenses of those families. It also tries to find out the correlation with some other parameters such as attitude toward savings and adaptation of technology of the SME loan holders.

Aus. J. Acc. Eco. Fin. Vol 2(2), October 2016, P 82-90


Small and Medium Enterprise Financing; Lifestyle; SME Loan Holders; Adaptation of Technology

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