Effective Judiciary and Citizens’ Rights-A Study: Bangladesh Perspective

Md Milan Hossain


State has three important organs- executive, judiciary and legislative. Among them judiciary is very important to ensure citizens’ rights if their rights are infringed either by individual or any department of a State or by the State herself. In a developing country where true democracy is absent, where rule of law is at stake, where political culture is very fragile, there is no doubt, it is judiciary which can provide justice to the affected people, ensure and enforce citizens’ rights (either fundamental or non- fundamental legal rights) whether they are infringed by an individual, a group of individuals, or by State herself. And it is only possible by effective judiciary, not a fragile judiciary. In this research paper whether Bangladesh judiciary is effective one has been examined; for doing this, the different issues of effective judiciary have been scrutinized; whether it could ensure and protect citizen rights, it was studied; the study was focused on the subsequent times of formal separation of Bangladesh Judiciary (post scenario of 2007). It is found that the Bangladesh Judiciary is not effective one; it is also found that such judiciary could not protect and ensure citizens’ rights properly.

Aus. J. Law. Ethi & Gov. Vol 3(1), April 2017, P 1-10


Effective Judiciary; Citizens Rights; Separation of Bangladesh Judiciary

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