The Influence of Fan’s Superhero Preference, Superhero’s Leadership, and Ethics on Fans’ Leadership Imitation

Proud Arunrangsiwed, Pongsin Jareonpon, Thanatorn Suwan, Ajuda Wichakam, Phubeth Atta-Arunwong, Krisana Cheachainart, Panpare Bunyapukkna


After superhero comics were reproduced as films, they influenced wide range of people including adolescents. The current study aimed to test if fans’ superhero preference, superhero’s ethics, and leadership could bring about fans’ intention to imitate leadership of superhero characters. Univariate regression was used to analyze data given by 134 participants. The findings reveal that fans’ superhero preference and superhero’s leadership have a positive effect on fans’ intention to imitate leadership of superhero, but superhero’s ethic failed to predict it. This suggested that, if media producers need to promote prosocial media effect in media fans, they should increase heroic characters’ leadership, so people would imitate leadership from ethical ones.

Aus. J. Law. Ethi & Gov. Vol 4(1), April 2018, P 10-17.


Superhero; Leadership; Ethics; Fandom; Prosocial Media Effect; Preference

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